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March 21, 2009


Wheee 1500 pageviews!!! :iconcarameldansenplz: I’m so happy, thank you guys :blowkiss: DeviantART didn’t work for me for a while, I was so angry, especially because I didn’t know what was the problem… But now I login and tadaaa: more than 1500 pageviews! So I forget what I wanted to write in my journal anyway :O_o:
Oh yes… :XD:

:bulletred: I have a dA sister! Yay! :aww: Please check her out: caybeach
(she made a lovely stamp:… thank you so much, sis :hug:)

:bulletred: And I joined some clubs:

the-echelon ThePencilClub  Twilighters-Forever

My deviantART family and my club-list is small, but I have to start it somewhere, right? :D

:bulletred: I’m on twitter, feel free to follow me :)

Anyway, I’m working on a drawing (Robert Pattinson as 'Edward Cullen' ), and I started to draw manga characters :XD: I don’t watch animes, but I was checking out some (okay... lot of :D) amazing drawings here on dA, and I wanted to try it. It’s fun :)


My dA family:


My clubs:

:iconthe-echelon: :iconthepencilclub:  :icontwilighters-forever:
  • Mood: Thanks
  • Listening to: FOB - 27
  • Reading: The gun seller by Hugh Laurie
  • Eating: nothing, I'm sick, my belly hurts. but I'm hungry.
  • Drinking: tea
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Ilojleen Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009   Traditional Artist
Well, as I can see, you're becoming a Twilight fan :giggle: I wonder, how your manga drawing will turn out ^^
Congrats because of number of pageviews! :D
victory-a13 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009
Me? Twilight fan?! Why do you think that? :O_o: :XD: I hope I'll have time to finish the manga as soon as possible :)
Thank you :hug:
Ilojleen Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009   Traditional Artist
Because once you said you woudl like to read it and you are going to draw Edward ;) These things made me thinking you're becoming a Twilight fan ;)
Welcome, my dear :cuddle:
victory-a13 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009
Yeah I was just kidding with that question ;) anyway, I have no idea when I'll finish Edward. My biggest problem is that I start a drawing and can't finish it on the same day. So I put it away for some day. And then I hardly can continue it, because I'm afraid I'll ruin it :XD: ah well.
Ilojleen Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2009   Traditional Artist
How's your Edward? It is finished or not yet? Now I'm drawing myself :XD: I've portrayed myself three times, the last time was about two years ago so I decided to do it again ^^ plus, some commissions need to be done. As always :lol:
victory-a13 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009
My Edward is... well... uhm... yes. He's fine. Erm... he's still not finished :XD: I stopped drawing him when I had to learn and I still couldn't continue :D
Yay self portrait! :D Can't wait to see :) Two years is long time so maybe we can say it's time to do it again? :D And commissions sounds good too :)
Ilojleen Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2009   Traditional Artist
So try now but don't force yourself to do that in the same time, cause it won't work out ;)
I've already finished my self-portrait and I'll upload it very soon :woohoo:
victory-a13 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2009
Okay, maybe I really should try it :) I think the weather is the cause of my laziness, it's way too hot :dohtwo:
Yay I can't wait to see it! :aww: Soon... really? :XD: Just kidding ;P
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Citruspers Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2009
Hey, Twilight was fun (the movie, at least) :)
victory-a13 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009
it was! and the book is great, too :)
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